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Wow. That was Fast!

Seems like just yesterday we were shouting “Happy New Year!” Now January is already gone. That was fast. And it’s really hard to believe it was a year ago we were talking about the 2017 outlook for real estate in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The predictions were on target and it was a great year in the market here. A quick look at how 2017 closed out will tell you that.

As the market continues to get stronger, buyers are acting. Inventory of our Gulf Shores and Orange Beach condominium offerings ended the year down by more than 500 units, with more properties sold in 2017 than were sold in 2016. Both median price and price per square foot ended the year higher, with 13 percent and 10 percent increases, respectively. Vacation rental income from condominiums saw annual increases in both total rental revenues and revenue per available unit.

These trends are on track to continue. You know what that means . . . The time is now. Don’t let that investment in your future or in the home of your dreams become an unkept resolution in 2018. Finding that “right time” or perfect property may seem oh so difficult, but that’s when a team of professionals like The Henry Group can help the most. We know there are other priorities in your life. Our priority it finding the right investment for our clients. At the right time.

Time flies. So do opportunities. 2018 is offering opportunities for buyers looking for solid investments on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. The beautiful beaches and amazing list of amenities add immense value to investments that are already strong. Compared to other coastal areas in the region, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are a prime location for smart investors.

There’s no doubt this year will fly by just as 2017 did. This time next year, we want you to be happy with the decision you made to invest in Alabama’s Gulf Coast when the time was right. We know you’ll be happy with the professional real estate representation you’ll find at The Henry Group. Our agents comprise a team with more than 100 years of experience in the buying and selling of real estate. We’ve seen market fluctuations and we recognize opportunities when they arise. You can believe us when we say the time is now. Don’t miss it.

Written by The Henry Group

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