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    Test Driving Condos and Husbands

    Test Driving Condos and Husbands
    I’ve never really understood the appeal behind arranged marriages. I could never put a
    decision like that in someone else’s hands, even if they are supposed to know exactly what’s
    best for me.Thank goodness I didn’t grow up in some ancient society where that would have
    been the case. Instead I got to test drive a few possibilities before I decided on my current
    awesome husband. I mean, would you buy a car without test driving it? And that’s nothing
    compared to living in the same house with someone for the rest of your life. Day after day,
    dealing with their annoying habits and ugly boxer shorts. Too bad we can’t test drive kids first
    before we take them on for life. Come on, I’m just kidding. Or maybe not. Just had to break up
    some ridiculous fight between my daughters. You’re killing me, Smalls!
    So you have decided to buy a beach condo–congrats! You are about to embark on a lifelong
    adventure fun in the sun. Seeing that this is a major purchase, you probably would love to get a
    firsthand experience of the condo you are purchasing, right? Well you are in luck! If you are
    interested in a condo that is already in a rental program, then you can spend some time there,
    before you make the decision to buy. A lot of units that can only be rented for a week during
    peak rental season, but off season they usually can be rented for a couple of nights. What a
    great way to get to know the condo itself and the building. And don’t forget about the pool! If the
    unit is not in a rental program, you could rent a similar unit in the same building. That way you
    can at least get a feel for the building and amenities. If you have the opportunity to do this, it’s
    always a good idea, even if it costs a little dough.
    Big decisions definitely deserve a lot of thought and preparation. If you are in the market to buy
    a condo, the wonderful folks over at The Henry Group are waiting for your call! They will help
    you find the beach condo of your dreams. They will not, however, help you sell your kids. You’re
    on your own with that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m pretty sure my kids are about to murder each
    other. Summer is the best!

    Written by: Helen Henry

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