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Realtor or FSBO: Do You Really Have to Choose?

There are lots of reasons to work with a realtor.

  • They know the location and the market conditions.
  • They act as a buffer for negotiations.
  • They have fiduciary responsibility to you.
  • They are knowledgeable about regulations and legalities.
  • They’ll handle the paperwork and sweat the details.

So, when you find a condo, home or piece of land that just might be the one you’re dreaming of, but it’s a for-sale-by-owner property, do you have to give up all those perks? Not necessarily. There is probably a way to make it work.

Agents are usually paid by the seller and, chances are, if your agent presents that seller an offer they like, they will make the provisions to make the deal. Basically, you have the right to make working through your agent a requirement. Short of that, go back to that list of services above, which really only scratches the surface of the value realtors provide. What’s it worth to you? Many buyers choose to pay a commission themselves. They know the value of having that support and knowledge at their side.

What’s it worth to you? If you see a FSBO property that interests you, talk to your agent at The Henry Group about your options. We’ve got years of experience. We’ve also got flexibility, creativity and a passion for meeting our clients’ needs. We’d love to work with you. Contact us today.


Written by the Henry Group

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