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Finding the Right Agent: Top 7 Questions to Ask

There are lots of real estate agents out there. Finding an experienced agent with extensive knowledge of the market is essential. Finding one who understands your goals, budgets and needs can have a huge impact on your experience. Here is our recommendation of the top seven questions to ask when you are considering working with an agent.  


  • How many clients are you working with right now?


Priorities and schedules are but considerations but they can be intensified when working with an agent who is spread too thin. Make sure your agent will have the time you need.


  • How do you typically communicate/interact with your clients?


This seems simplistic but is one of those areas that can make or break an agent relationship. Meetings, phone calls, texts, emails . . .. what’s your preference? If you’d rather review emails at the end of the day, respond to texts on the fly or meet once a week to discuss options, setting that out in advance is extremely helpful.


  • How long have you been an agent?


Years of experience doesn’t always equate to success, but in the real estate business experience is an indication of area knowledge and reliability. Questions about experience will also give you details about a potential agent’s history in working with buyers vs. sellers and what areas or neighborhoods are a specialty.


  • What’s your marketing strategy?


When you’re listing property, the marketing infrastructure agents have at their disposal is a valuable component of your relationship. Agents like those at The Henry Group, with a combination of online tools as well as direct marketing strategies from email marketing to open houses, have the most options for putting together the right marketing mix to sell your property.


  • What are your contract requirements?


Of course you’ll read the fine print, right? Sometimes though, a conversation early on can set your mind at ease and clear up any doubts about responsibilities, commissions and any areas of uncertainty.


  • Can you recommend local resources?


Experienced agents build relationships not only with clients, but with industry professionals, also. Mortgage lenders, title companies, rental management companies, even home maintenance and lawn care services are all valuable services. References for respected local vendors can be a valuable adjunct to your agent relationship.


  • What are your questions for me?


Many times, this is when you learn whether an agent is truly the right partner in meeting your real estate needs. If he or she takes the time to go beyond the standard questions, to ask specific ones about your goals, your needs and your priorities, that is an indicator not only of their experience (knowing what questions to ask) but also of their level of customer service.

Get to know our agents at The Henry Group. We’ve built a team we’re proud of and have a history of service you can depend on. We’d love to work with you!

Written by The Henry Group

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