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    Southern Living Magazine’s Best Small Town in Alabama

    By Susan Kaylor | March 6, 2024

    For the South’s Best Awards this year, Southern Living Magazine readers once again voted on their all-time favorite small towns in the South.  Alabama’s favorite beach town took the top spot for Best Small Town in Alabama!  We couldn’t agree more.  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach has long been a popular coastal destination.  From the famous bushwhacker... Read More

    14 Short Term Rental Trends To Watch in 2024

    By Susan Kaylor | January 19, 2024

    “The short-term rental (STR) market is getting ready for a dynamic 2024 and hosts must keep up with the pace of change. Global economic uncertainty, evolving travel habits, and a growing desire for personalized experiences are only a few of the factors that will influence how hosts operate moving forward. Though the next year will... Read More

    How Your Home Equity Can Help You Reach Your Goals

    By Susan Kaylor | January 9, 2024

    If you’ve owned your house for at least a couple of years, there’s something you’re going to want to know more about – and that’s home equity. If you’re not familiar with that term, Freddie Mac defines it like this: “. . . your home’s equity is the difference between how much your home is worth and how much you... Read More

    Expert Quotes on the 2024 Housing Market Forecast

    By Susan Kaylor | December 19, 2023

    If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home soon, you probably want to know what you can expect from the housing market in 2024. In 2023, higher mortgage rates, confusion over home price headlines, and a lack of homes for sale created some challenges for buyers and sellers looking to make a move. But what’s on the horizon for the new year? The... Read More

    The Surprising Trend in the Number of Homes Coming onto the Market

    By Susan Kaylor | December 13, 2023

    The Surprising Trend in the Number of Homes Coming onto the Market If you’re thinking about purchasing a home, it’s important to know what’s happening in the market.  Here’s an update on the supply of homes currently for sale.  Whether you are buying or selling, the housing inventory in your area is something you should... Read More

    Why Home Prices Keep Going Up

    By Susan Kaylor | October 24, 2023

    Why Home Prices Keep Going Up If you’ve ever dreamed of buying your own place, or selling your current house to upgrade, you’re no stranger to the rollercoaster of emotions changing home prices can stir up. It’s a tale of financial goals, doubts, and a dash of anxiety that many have been through. But if you put... Read More

    Mortgage Rates at 23 Year High

    By Susan Kaylor | October 5, 2023

    MORTGAGE RATES AT 23 YEAR HIGH As mortgage rates continue to rise, more Americans are feeling stuck in their current homes, unwilling or unable to move at today’s higher borrowing costs. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose to a 7.31% average this past week—the highest level since 2000, Freddie Mac reports. “However, unlike the turn of... Read More

    The Cost of Waiting to Buy Real Estate: Why Delay Might Be Costly

    By Susan Kaylor | September 26, 2023

    The Cost of Waiting to Buy Real Estate: Why Delay Might Be Costly In the ever-evolving world of real estate, the decision of when to buy can have significant financial consequences. Delaying your entry into the market, whether as a first-time buyer or seasoned investor, can result in missed opportunities and potentially higher costs. In... Read More

    Homebuyers Shouldn’t Worry About 2008 All Over Again

    By Andrea Torbert | April 6, 2019

    Homebuyers Shouldn’t Worry About 2008 All Over Again Last week, released a survey of active home shoppers (those who plan to purchase their next home in 1 year or less). The survey asked their opinion on an impending recession and its possible impact on the housing market. Two major takeaways from the survey: 42% believe a recession will... Read More

    People are Talking

    By Andrea Torbert | July 18, 2018

    As home sales in Alabama continue on an upward trend, the Baldwin County market continues to be the topic of much buzz, both regionally and nationally. Alabama News Center recently shared an Alabama Center for Real Estate report stating “Year-over-year increases in both building permits and projected housing starts are encouraging news, as they hint... Read More

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